Inspection of Salmon Pedigree Farm
and Salmon Plant

Kim Jong Un, First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, First Chairman of the National Defence Commission and Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, visited the Songmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm and Raksan Offshore Salmon Plant under KPA Unit 810.

The first leg of his trip was the Sokmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm.

He went round hatchery, fry breeding room, fry fattening room, water filtering place, indoor and outdoor ponds and other places of the farm to learn in detail about the work there.

It is great that the farm is capable of hatching more than 4.3 million salmons in a year, he said, adding that this has laid solid foundations for breeding salmon offshore in a big way with a high aim.

What is most important in fish breeding is to solve water problem and it is good for the farm to have built the processes for filtering water and disinfecting and oxygenating it on the basis of cutting-edge technology to ensure the most ideal water temperature and quality and establish a scientific and general water supply and recycling system, he stressed.

Noting that the farm is breeding fishes of various species such as rainbow trout in the indoor and outdoor ponds by letting even the water used for hatching and breeding fries flow into indoor and outdoor ponds, he said this was an example to be followed by all other fish breeding units of the country in introducing water-saving fish farming.

Calling on the farm to work hard to attain a higher goal on the basis of the achievements already made, he gave important instructions which would serve as guidelines in its management and operation such as the issue of rounding off Korean-style hatching method, the issue of deepening the research into preventing the degeneration of breed salmon and the issue of updating fish-breeding facilities on a higher level.

The next leg of his trip was the Raksan Offshore Salmon Plant.

He looked round the net ring fishing ground, aquiculture tank, salmon processing room and other places of the plant to learn in detail about the production and fish processing there.

He said that it was an untrodden path for the plant to conduct offshore salmon breeding but officials and employees of the field concerned and the plant have opened a prospect for offshore salmon breeding through a dynamic drive.

It is praiseworthy for the plant to have made remarkable progress in breeding not only salmon but also freshwater rainbow trout by acclimatizing it to sea water, he noted.

He said that he was pleased to see processed salmon including smoked salmon, pickled salmon roe and slices of boiled salmon at the salmon processing room.

He noted that it is necessary to push forward the fish breeding and aquiculture in a big way in order to develop the fishing industry and channel great efforts into offshore fish breeding and aquiculture in particular, adding that the prospect and future for them lie in going out to the sea.

Pointing out that the seas of the country are not contaminated and their ecological environment is clean, he stressed the need to make the best use of the conditions favourable for fish breeding and aquiculture and thus make the country proudly rank among the advanced countries in the offshore fish breeding and aquiculture.

He said that well begun is half done and the farm has made a good start, calling on it not to give up offshore salmon breeding halfway with depression and hesitation but dynamically push ahead with it in order to implement the behest of Chairman Kim Jong Il and live up to the expectation of the people without fail. He encouraged the officials and employees of the plant, promising to settle everything arising in the work of the unit.

He had a photo session with officials and employees of the Songmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm and Raksan Offshore Salmon Plant under KPA Unit 810.


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