S. Korea's Farce of "S. Korean Abductees during Wartime" Blasted

A spokesman for the Consultative Council of Former South Korean Public Figures in the North for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification made public a statement on March 27 refuting the story about "south Korean abductees in the wartime period".

The south Korean puppet authorities recently branded the patriotic personages who conducted righteous activities in south Korea after the liberation of Korea before coming over to the north during the last Fatherland Liberation War as "wartime abductees".

The south Korean conservative group at the 17th meeting of the "committee for probe of truth behind abductees by the north during the war and reinstatement of their honour" on March 18 said among the list were Kim Kyu Sik, An Jae Hong, Yun Ki Sop and Jong In Bo as well as Paek Sang Gyu, former vice-president of the Red Cross of south Korea and permanent member of the Consultative Council of Former South Korean Public Figures in the North for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification.

In south Korea they struggled against the US imperialists and their lackeys' traitorous acts, fascist suppression and separatist moves. The pro-reunification patriots voluntarily came over to the north for a genuine life when the traitorous group of Syngman Rhee ignited the fratricidal war at the instigation of its American master.

After their death, they were buried at the Patriotic Martyrs Cemetery and the Cemetery of South Korean Figures in the North to enjoy an eternal life, and every year a lot of south Koreans and overseas Koreans and their bereaved families visit the cemeteries to praise their patriotic deeds.

Nevertheless, the south Korean conservatives deny this stark fact and brand the righteous personages as "wartime abductees by the north" to abuse them for meeting their sinister purposes. This is an intolerable insult to the patriots and their bereaved families and another grave politically-motivated provocation to the DPRK.

The Consultative Council of Former South Korean Public Figures in the North for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, on behalf of all the south Korean personages in the north and bereaved families and all other Koreans, bitterly denounces the south Korean authorities for fanning up confrontation with the fellow countrymen and escalating anti-DPRK campaign over human rights issue even by falsifying historical fact to meet their despicable and sinister political purposes.

When the south Korean figures were alive, the south Korean conservatives kept mum about them, but now they call the patriots "wartime abductees" several decades after their death. This reveals the shamelessness of the south Korean puppet group.

As for Paek Sang Gyu, he came over to the north together with other like-minded politicians during the war. He, moved by patriotic magnanimity of President Kim Il Sung, devoted himself to the drive for national unity and reunification of the country while working as a member and permanent member of the Consultative Council until the twilight years of his life.

When Paek Sang Gyu was suffering from an incurable illness, the DPRK government proposed the Red Cross of south Korea letting his family members in the south come to Pyongyang for nursing. However, the puppet forces refused this under an unreasonable pretext. When he passed away, his family members requested the south Korean authorities to let them receive his remains through Panmunjom only to be turned down. This was a crime against humanity.

Those conservatives now dare call Paek Sang Gyu "a wartime abductee by the north" as part of their desperate anti-DPRK propaganda. This shows well they are shameless, vicious and rabid ones keen on breeding plots for confrontation.

In fact, the US and traitor Syngman Rhee are arch criminals as they lured and abducted a lot of northerners to the south by "blackmailing them with A-bomb".

It is a well known fact that the issue of "separated families", a misfortune of the nation, surfaced because of the blackmail.

The south Korean conservatives can never be pardoned by the nation but will have to face severe punishment for this crime alone.

They should understand that no fabrication of lies can make the south Korean patriots leading an eternal life under the care of the peerlessly great men "wartime abductees".

The traitorous south Korean authorities should stop at once the farce and disband the "committee for probe of truth behind abductees by the north during the war and reinstatement of their honour".


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