US Should Be Brought to Human Rights Court

Do we live in peace in the world of freedom and equality while enjoying the modern civilization amidst the progress of the cutting-edge science and technology and the social development? When asked of this question you would answer no. Now the acts of oppression and domination, and murders worse than those in slave-owning and feudal societies are rampant in some countries, abusing the elementary human dignity and rights. This is because the United States is infringing on the human rights mercilessly wherever it reaches, bringing the current times back to the Dark Ages.

According to a report on the human rights situation of the US, which was posted on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the conflicts in Iraq took 117 000 civilian lives until August 2012 and 14 700 of them were killed by the international allied forces led by the US. Meanwhile, 14 400–17 200 innocent Afghans lost their lives and 9 000 were murdered by the US-led allied forces since the start of the Afghan war. And the drone attack operations on the “suspected terrorists” are still going. There are frequent occurrences of the US troops maltreating the people, shooting pregnant women and children to death, maiming civilians and chopping corpses into several pieces. The GIs are put to criminal trials only when they are serious cases. The report also mentioned that the international organizations strongly denounce the US’s indiscriminate use of forces in the armed conflict areas.

The crimes committed by the US troops occupying south Korea are beyond description. From the day they set foot in south Korea in the cloak of “liberator” in September 1945 they killed innocent Koreans. During the period of the Korean war (June 1950-July 1953) millions of Koreans were massacred by GIs.

The Russian Internet news agency Inosmi Ru reported that the existence of one million sex slaves in south Korea is a result of the 60-odd-year-long presence of GIs there. It disclosed that the GIs who occupied south Korea in 1945 made 350 000 of the south Korean women their sexual slaves till 1953. Their filthy crimes are still unabated. One of every 25 south Korean women fell victim to them and one million women suffered grave infringement on their dignity and human rights. This is, indeed, a thrice-cursed crime that can be perpetrated only by the US, the chieftain of human massacre and the worst human rights abuser, and an unheard-of unethical crime that can never go unpunished. In south Korea they say that they may see the sun set without crows crying, but that they can never pass a day without hearing of an occurrence of GI crimes.

Then, what about the human rights situation of the US that brings up such human rights abusers? Violent demonstrations that erupted when a young black man was shot to death by a white policeman in Ferguson City, Missouri, swept the whole United States. The brutality committed by the white policeman who is obsessed with racial discrimination and hatred for human beings ignited the anger of the blacks who are treated as second-class citizens in the US and subjected to contempt and maltreatment of all hues on the absurd “guilt” of different colour. Missouri judicial authorities decided not to indict the white policeman on the ridiculous ground of “self-defence” against the black and from the fantastic notion that he is white. This clearly shows that the US community is no more than a theatre of human rights infringement and the worst human rights tundra in the world. A huge number of people turned out into the streets in more than 100 cities across the US including Washington and New York, sternly denouncing the unfair stand of the authorities that backed the criminal. When the situation developed that way, the authorities mobilized heavily-armed policemen and even military force to crack down on the protests.

The Russian Foreign Ministry plenipotentiary for human rights affairs issued a statement asserting that the incident in Ferguson City proves once again that the US has the serious institutional problems concerning human rights protection and the standard of democracy. The Los Angeles Times and other media in the US commented that the standard of the US’s human rights is taken up for discussion by the international press circle owing to the incident. The great irony is that the US dares brand those countries preserving systems and political modes peculiar to them as “human rights abusers” to put collective pressure on them for the only reason that they are not an ally or companion of the US. The American pursuance is the infringement on national sovereignty and the interference in internal affairs of other nations from A to Z.

It is a unanimous voice of many countries in the world that the US should be brought to the human rights court for its violations of the human rights inside and outside the country.

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