250-mile Journey for Learning 

Ninety-two years has passed since President Kim Il Sung made a 250-mile journey for learning in his teens.

True to his father Kim Hyong Jik's lofty idea that a man born in Korea must have a good knowledge of Korea, Kim Il Sung made a long journey alone from Badaogou of China to Mangyongdae of Korea in March Juche 12 (1923).

During the journey, he witnessed the miserable reality of the homeland, which was groaning under the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule, and bore surging hatred against the aggressors.

He arrived in Mangyongdae, his birthplace, in ten-odd days after the start of the journey.

Then he had learnt and experienced a lot while studying at Changdok School for two years.

In the period he felt the Korean people's strong resistance against Japanese imperialism and their unbreakable will for independence.

And he came to a conclusion that it was possible to liberate the country from Japan's colonial rule when the popular masses are aroused in an organized way.


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