Comprehensive Sports Facility

In October last year the May Day Stadium was wonderfully renovated to go well with the spectacular scenery of the picturesque Rungna Islet in Pyongyang.

The stadium was built in 1989. Since inauguration, it has been the venue for many an international games and public functions, including the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students in 1989, the mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Ever-victorious Workers’ Party of Korea held in celebration of the 55th founding anniversary of the WPK in October 2000, and the mass gymnastics and artistic performance Arirang held in celebration of the 90th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung and the 70th founding anniversary of the Korean People’s Army in 2002. Since then Arirang, a Kim Il Sung Prizewinner, took place there annually until 2013.

Recently the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea set the target of developing the country into a sports power and has made unsparing investment. Sports facilities are newly built or renovated across the country while amusement and sports apparatuses are arranged in parks and residential districts. The May Day Stadium, too, has recently been completely refurbished in a short span of ten months as a comprehensive and modern sports facility for sportspersons and the general public. The reconstructed 150 000-seater stadium has a football field, running track, a warm-up room, bedrooms for players and rooms for coaches, referees, screening and registering, which are consistent with international standards. It is also furnished with a swimming pool, table-tennis rooms, miniature golf courses, recovery rooms and other sporting, cultural and welfare facilities and a service network. The warm-up room, for example, is arranged well for the convenience of the players in such a way as to help them prepare themselves fully before entering the game. And the recovery rooms and bedrooms for players are also laid well enough to alleviate their fatigues satisfactorily.

Pak Min Gu, one of the coaches of the Wolmido Sports Team’s women’s football team who had a match with the national team—they had won the 17th Asian Games days earlier—in presence of the supreme national leader Kim Jong Un, says, “When I got to the stadium for the match in October last year, I only thought it fascinating. But when I received all kinds of service in the facilities in the stadium, I was in deep thought. I felt the state directs a huge sum of money for sports development, but we haven’t achieved nothing special. I’ll work hard to leave an indelible trace in my career and help build a sports power.”

Except athletes, many ordinary people frequent the stadium. Especially, it is crowded on holidays and in weekend.

Today the stadium serves as an important centre contributing to the recreation of the people along with the adjacent Rungna People’s Pleasure Ground.

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