Guidance to Drill of Air and Anti-Aircraft Force

A drill of raiding and repairing an airfield was staged by the Air and Anti-Aircraft Force of the Korean People’s Army amid the intensified combat drills of all the service personnel to wipe out the US imperialists and their stooges hell-bent on war exercises against the DPRK.

Kim Jong Un, First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, First Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and Supreme Commander of the KPA, saw the drill.

The drill was aimed to check and confirm under simulated conditions of an actual war the distribution of air forces to be involved in raiding “enemy” airfield, their striking procedures and methods, bombing and shooting art of pilots, the powers of various air weapons and the ability for repairing destroyed airfield.

Involved in it were fighter, raider and bomber wings under the Guards 1st Air and Anti-Aircraft Division and the 5th Flight Division of the KPA Air and Anti-Aircraft Force.

After being briefed at  an  observation  post on the decision made by the commander of the KPA Air and Anti-Aircraft Force to carry   out   the  task  of  striking  the  “enemy”  airfield,  the Supreme  Commander gave an order to start the drill.

Various types of mine bombs were successively dropped in a brief span of time on the “enemy” airfield in the wake of raiding on its depot, commanding post and runways by use of rocket gun shells and unguided rockets.

Watching the fighters dealing intensive strikes at important posts of the “enemy” airfield, the Supreme Commander said with great satisfaction that such strikes would utterly shock the enemy forces and praised the pilots for their perfect and thrilling strike.

Then, followed a drill for repairing the destroyed airfield.

After the drill, Kim Jong Un gave an important instruction that would serve as guidelines in rounding off the combat preparedness of the KPA Air and Anti-Aircraft Force.

He said that all the fighter pilots should make a steady and profound study of the Juche-based flying combat method, guerrilla-style war method and conduct intensified flight training to acquire a high level of aeronautics, bombing art and marksmanship and get fully familiar with practical war methods and actions.

Stressing the need to reject formalism and stereotyped patterns and steadily improve contents and forms under the Party’s training-first slogan and thus bring about a turn in raising the quality of flight training, he repeatedly urged all the air units to make the high-intensity training part of daily life and a habit.

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