February 16, Juche104(2015) "Uriminzokkiri"


Foreign Figures Praise Kim Jong Il as Peerless Patriot


Round-table talks, lecture and film show took place in Iran, Guinea, Nigeria and the Czech Republic from Feb. 1 to 4 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il.

 The vice-general secretary of the Islamic Coalition Party of Iran said that Kim Jong Il was the peerless patriot who dedicated his whole life to the happiness of the people and the prosperity of the country. He developed in depth the Juche idea founded by President Kim Il Sung, defended the country's sovereignty and dignity with original Songun politics and turned the DPRK into a political, ideological and military power, the vice-general secretary noted, adding:

 The Korean people are successfully materializing the idea and cause of the preceding leaders under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea led by Marshal Kim Jong Un.

 I hope that the Korean people would gain greater success in the building of a thriving nation.

 The chief of Construction Site No. 2 in a district of Conakry City, Guinea in a lecture said that Kim Jong Il's noble life will remain forever in the hearts of not only the Korean people but also progressives.

The director of a company of Nigeria at the show of Korean film "Monument to the Three Charters for National Reunification" noted that Kim Jong Il formulated the three charters for national reunification and made a distinguished contribution to the Korean people's struggle for the country's reunification. 

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