February 15, Juche104(2015) "Uriminzokkiri"


UN “Human Rights Resolution” against DPRK Should Be Retracted


It has been fully disclosed that the UN “human rights resolution” against the DPRK railroaded in December last year was a product of the “human rights” racket being kicked up by the US-led hostile forces.

Sin Tong Hyok, who had appeared as a main “testifier” for working out the “report of the Commission of Inquiry” on the human rights performance in the DPRK, which served as a basis of the “resolution”, confessed that his “testimonies” were false ones and pledged not to be involved in the “human rights campaign” against the DPRK any longer. This clearly proved that the “resolution” was a politically-motivated false document and a fabrication.

It also clearly proved that the “human rights” campaign kicked up by the US at the UN and other international arenas is an illegal and brigandish act of wantonly infringing upon the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK.

Now that the falsity and reactionary nature of the “resolution” have been fully disclosed, the US is persistently insisting on the “validity” of the “report” in a bid to justify the “human rights resolution” at any cost, far from apologizing to the DPRK for its wrongdoings.

The former chairman and the “special rapporteur” of the CI are busy claiming the validity of the “report”, asserting it is based not only on the “testimonies” made by Sin but also on those made by other “witnesses” in various countries.

The DPRK would like to ask them whether there was even a single citizen of it among those 300 odd “testifiers” they brought to make the “report” sound plausible and whether any of them has ever visited the DPRK.

The countries visited by the members of the CI are the countries hostile to the DPRK such as the US and Japan and those met by them are either citizens of the hostile countries or “defectors from the north” under the control of the south Korean authorities.

In the early period of its establishment, the CI announced that it would conduct an inquiry on the basis of testimonies made by “defectors from the north” and satellite photos. The former chairman of the Commission, when interviewed by an Australian broadcasting service on May 7, 2013, told that there were various pieces of information on “human rights abuses in north Korea” but problem is lack of information to confirm them. Such utterances should not be overlooked.

Nevertheless, Washington formed the “Commission of Inquiry” with Kirby, Biserko and Darusman as its core members and instigated them to fabricate a false document. As far as those guys are concerned, they are all political swindlers who had been involved in the operations of the CIA.

After all, the “report” which they claimed comprehensively “judged” and “estimated” the human rights performance in the DPRK and contain even pieces of “recommendations” was worked out in a matter of less than a year. On the basis of it the UN forcibly adopted the anti-DPRK “resolution” bereft of scientific accuracy and credibility.

It was none other than the US and its followers that let Sin appear as a leading “testifier” at the UN and other international arenas in a bid to forge the document peppered with frauds and lies.

Nevertheless, those who played a main role in working out the resolution are now asserting that Sin is just one of “many testifiers” and the “testimonies made by him are of no particular value.” This is, indeed, the height of brazen-facedness.

This is not only a wanton challenge to the DPRK highly dignified for its independence as it guarantees genuine human rights of its popular masses but shameless hypocrisy and mockery of the fair-minded world public calling for total ification of the anti-DPRK “human rights resolution.”

With no rhetoric can those hostile forces misrepresent the true human rights performance in the DPRK.

Truth is bound to be revealed any time for history and the world public.

After Sin made an apology for his false testimonies, Blaine Harden, author and publisher of a book dealing with the story told by him about “the experience he gained while defecting from the north”, contributed an article to a newspaper in which he admitted he was “deceived by Sin” and “Sin was an incredible guy from the very beginning and there would be more misinformation except for the one confessed by him.”

It is by no means fortuitous that an Italian lawmaker, who had visited the DPRK, told Radio 24 of Italy that “all what defector from north Korea Sin Tong Hyok uttered at press conferences was lies meant to make money.” “Books containing his lies are being sold and I, therefore, don’t buy book falsifying facts,” he added.

What matters is that the UN, forgetful of its mission and duty, danced to the tune of the US conspiratorial moves and was abused by it for its anti-DPRK racket.

What the UN did seriously hurt its honour as it was the most disgraceful case in history.

It is a shame on the UN that it is being abused as an unlawful mechanism of mocking at the justice and truth under the control of a specified country called the US.

The UN should retract the above-said anti-DPRK “human rights resolution.”


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