Natural Monument-Gate to Sea Kumgang


Gate to Sea Kumgang is 20km away from Kosong county town of Kangwon Province.

This area is rich in species of fish and shellfish and seaweed, and high and low hills, peaks and cliffs add beauty to the gate.

The 1km-wide section past the gate boasts various kinds of landscapes.

The spot has long been referred to as the entrance to Sea Kumgang. Hence the name of Gate to Sea Kumgang.

It consists of two granite rocks, rooted under the sea and facing each other.

The rock on the right side is broad and flat and pine trees are growing on it.

The gate becomes the entrance of Mt Kumgang if you go through it from the sea and the threshold of Sea Kumgang if you come back through it.

Sea water in an inner part of the gate is blue and gentle like a pond but once the sea wind blows, giant wave surge striking the gate and splashing spectacular foaming waves.

In January Juche 69 (1980) the gate was designated as a natural monument as it is of significance in adding beauty to the natural scenery as well as in scientific study.


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