Cheers Ring out in Mass Rally


On September 12, Juche 37 (1948), a mass rally took place in the capital city of Pyongyang to celebrate the establishment of the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Premier Kim Il Sung came out to the platform, waving back to the cheering masses.

A child presented a bouquet of fragrant flowers to Kim Il Sung who founded the glorious country, the DPRK, which will shine forever in the 5 000-year history of the nation, reflecting boundless thanks to and reverence for him of all the Korean people.

At the rally, he delivered a historic speech, titled Let us all unite firmly around the government of the republic and march forward to build a democratic Korea.

He said in the speech:

“With the establishment of the DPRK Government a brilliant new chapter has been opened in the history of our people’s struggle for the building of an independent, sovereign state. The foundation of the DPRK and the establishment of the Central Government are the fruits of the united struggle of the north and south Korean people for the country’s reunification, freedom and independence, and a great historic victory for our people.”

“Our Republic has a bright future and a broad avenue to victory is open before our nation. The Government of the Republic will do everything in its power to assure the prosperity of our country and the happy future of our people,” he noted. And he referred to the tasks facing the government of the DPRK and its people.

Then he declared in a roaring voice, looking down over the venue:

“Let us march forward towards the triumphant construction of a democratic Korea, rallying firmly around the Government of the Republic.

“Long live the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!

“Long live the Korean people!”

As he concluded his speech, cheers of “Hurrah!” burst out among the crowds, rocking heaven and earth.

The rousing cheers that went up in the mass rally was the solemn sound of the bell tolling the new chapter in the Korean people’s struggle to shape their destiny and the eruption of pledge expressing their firm conviction and will to build a prosperous, independent sovereign state, closely rallied around Kim Il Sung.


alexander - san francisco - worker - 2023-09-19
the great leader Kim Il Sung is the  loving father of the nation and the sun of human. His strong mind makes him live in the hearts of people all over the world!

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