The Country of the People


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a genuine people’s country which has written the sacred history of the people-first principle, regarding the people as the most holy beings, for 75 years since it inscribed the word people in its name.

In the DPRK, people are seen as the most precious and powerful beings in the world, and the principle of attaching importance to them is being consistently maintained in the building and activities of the state.

In the country, where the masses are masters of the state and society, the spirit of unconditional service for them definitely prevails in all spheres of politics, the economy and culture, and all the citizens take an active part in the exercise of power and the management of the state and society.

The election of deputies to the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK held in March Juche 108 (2019) showed that 99.99 percent of all voters (all citizens over 17 have the right to participate in the election and to be elected in the country) took part in the election and 100 percent of them voted for the genuine representatives of the people who were devoting themselves to the country.

The power organs at all levels ranging from local power organs to the Supreme People’s Assembly consist of the representatives of the people.

Ordinary workers, farmers and intellectuals are elected as deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly and to the provincial, city and county (district) people’s assemblies to discuss the political affairs of the country.

The people’s demands and opinions are fully respected in formulating and implementing the lines and policies of the state and all production and construction are undertaken by giving precedence to providing the people with full convenience and with their reaction and assessment as the standard.

The state also takes full responsibility and care of the destiny and life of the people.

The true image of the DPRK which takes care of the people and protects their lives and livelihood with all efforts is intensively reflected in the ideal of believing in the people as in Heaven and devoted service for them.

At the end of August in Juche 105 (2016), the northern area of North Hamgyong Province suffered huge natural disasters due to a gust of wind unprecedented in the meteorological observation and a downpour along the shore of the Tuman River in the northern tip of the country.

At that time, all the manpower, material and technical potentials of the country were mobilized and concentrated on the rehabilitation of the stricken northern area and therefore the area was spruced up with the construction of the dwelling houses and public buildings that are more modern than the previous ones in a little over two months.

Such facts can be seen through the changes in Rason City, Taechong-ri of North Hwanghae Province, the Komdok area, North and South Hamgyong provinces and elsewhere which suffered heavy damage due to flooding.

The state measures taken in connection with the stability of the people’s livelihood in May last year, when a sudden incident occurred where the rings of the anti-epidemic barrier, which had been maintained for over two years, were broken through, are good examples indicating the devoted service of the DPRK government for the people.

In recent years, such people-oriented policies as the socialist healthcare system and education system have invariably been enforced and new policies for the wellbeing of the people have continuously been introduced despite unprecedented and manifold trials and difficulties.

Thanks to the policy of the state which prioritizes the issues of improving the people’s civilized life and welfare, modern dwelling houses have been built one after another in cities and rural areas to be allocated to the people free of charge.

Such people-oriented policies have invariably been pursued in both ordinary days and hard times, not because the country has favourable conditions or abounds in everything.

No country can even think of that but the DPRK which directs all the state activities to providing the people with an independent and creative material and cultural life and the home of happiness.

As they have benefited from the people-first politics of the DPRK by life experience, the Korean people devote all their patriotic passion to the prosperity of their socialist country, believing in the government and giving precedence to state affairs over their domestic affairs in the face of any ordeals and difficulties.

Socialist Korea will shine forever as a genuine people’s country, as it takes the achievement of the people’s happiness and ideal as the starting point of state activities and making selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people as a national trait and the mode of existence.


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