Q & A Service System Conducive to Agricultural Development


The agricultural sector is offering online question and answer service for diffusing farming techniques by means of an agricultural science and technology service program “Hwanggumyolmae.”

Officials and farmers across the country are provided on the fields with information on crop growth prediction and agro-technical measures according to growth stages and data on sci-tech achievements, common knowledge and agricultural sci-tech products, as well as solutions to the problems arising in farming practice.

According to an official of the Agricultural IT Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science, thanks to the Q & A service, many field officials and farmers solve problems arising in carrying on the farming processes promptly and correctly a day, and their number is on the daily increase.

The institute, in close connection with scientists in the related sector, makes efforts to steadily improve the efficiency of service by timely providing relevant units with scientific and correct answers on problems arising in the reality.

It also takes various measures for updating the program by newly establishing a database and introducing artificial intelligence technology.


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