Students of Revolutionary Schools Hold Sports Contest



Students of revolutionary schools significantly celebrated the 77th founding anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union.

The sports contest of students of revolutionary schools-2023 took place from June 4 to 6 to mark the KCU’s founding anniversary.

It brought together players selected from Mangyongdae, Kang Pan Sok, Nampho and Saenal revolutionary schools, the bases for training reliable backbones who would stoutly carry forward the Juche revolution.

Among the spectators were officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, officials from the youth league and armed forces organs, and teaching staff and students of the revolutionary schools.

Players competed in 14 events such as football, basketball, volleyball, table-tennis, tug of war, shooting, swimming and relay race.

Mangyongdae Revolutionary School took the first place in schoolboys’ category, and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School in schoolgirls’ category.

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