People's Trust in Leadership and Policies of WPK Is Immutable: Rodong Sinmun


The Korean people's trust in the leadership ability and policies of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) is immutable, says Rodong Sinmun in an article Monday.

The invincible prestige and inexhaustible potential power of the DPRK achieving the great victory and bringing about epochal changes are linked to the experienced and seasoned leadership of the WPK, the article notes, and goes on:

The Korean revolution has always won victories in the whole course of the long and arduous struggle thanks to the wise leadership of the Party which has led the people with its vigorous and strong guiding power.

All victories and future lie in faithfully upholding the Party's leadership. This is the firm faith cherished in the hearts of our people.

The lines and policies of the Party are the only guidelines and the most correct strategies and tactics of the revolution and construction.

Only when the Party's lines and policies clearly indicating the advance orientation of the Korean revolution and its tasks and ways are thoroughly implemented, can the socialist construction be dynamically promoted, the people's living standard be improved and the beautiful future be brought earlier.

The WPK has developed into an invincible party with strong guiding ability and fighting efficiency and the trust of all the people in its lines and policies is growing deeper as days go by, thanks to the energetic leadership of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who is most perfectly carrying out the cause of Party building on which hinges the destiny of the country, the nation and the revolution, with his outstanding revolutionary idea and scientific strategies and tactics, looking forward to the future of the revolution.

The cause of the Juche revolution will always emerge victorious as there are the ever-victorious WPK and the single-minded unity of all the people rallied close around it.


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