Taephyong Area Bustles with House-moving



Taephyong Area Bustles with House-moving


The Taephyong area in the capital city of Pyongyang is seething with the happy event of moving into new houses.

Officials of Party and power organs in Mangyongdae District and builders congratulated new dwellers on their happy event.

Pak Hung Chol, worker at the Kumchon Sewage Treatment Plant who moved into flat No. 1 on the second floor of Neighbourhood Unit No. 35 in Samhung-dong No. 3 of Mangyongdae District said he could hardly sleep the whole night after receiving a house licence, and continued: Many families have been moving into new houses across the country, and so did my family. I am eager to inform my son, soldier of the People’s Army, of the happy news as early as possible. The three living rooms in my home, as well as a clinic, laundry, shops, bathhouse and all other public service facilities arranged in the area, provide residents with every convenience in their living. Our Party which gives the highest and absolute priority to the people’s convenience and the socialist system of our own style are the best in the world.

The couple of Pak Chun Bok and Kim Un Hui working at the Pyongyang Rice Mill, who received a modern house, expressed their excitement as follows: We could hardly hold back tears of gratitude to Marshal Kim Jong Un. We are ordinary workers who have done nothing to speak of for the good of the country, but we have been provided gratis with a modern flat. We think much of how to repay the favour shown by the motherly Party. Our young daughter would ask when we could move into a new house whenever she saw house-moving news on TV. At that time, we felt a more intense urge to live in an excellent home and envied those who moved into new flats in Songhwa and Hwasong streets. But today, it seems as if we were in a dream, as we have settled in a modern flat provided by our Party. We will cherish today’s happiness all our lives and dedicate our pure conscience and sincere efforts unsparingly to the prosperity of our country.

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