Sci-Tech Activities in Full Swing



Sci-Tech Activities in Full Swing


Scientists and technicians dispatched to the Ryongsong Machine Complex are solving scientific and technological problems arising in the production of major custom-built equipment.

Those from Kim Il Sung University solved timely the problems arising in processing tens of sealing rings needed for various machines by pooling efforts with field technicians.

They also provided a guarantee for hastening the period of manufacturing custom-built equipment while saving lots of labour and materials by introducing an effective vibration aging process into the production of giant castings.

Those from Kim Chaek University of Technology developed an effective casting plan for improving the quality of complicated giant castings and boosting their output on the basis of rich experience of field workers, and introduced optimized heat treatment process to correctly ensure the technical specifications and indices of materials of parts.

They also established a rational technical process and made a cemented-carbide tool which meets various characteristic indices, and developed a new simulated system of thermodynamic and dynamic calculation for ensuring scientific designing of custom-built equipment.

Those from Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering played a leading role in enhancing the scientific accuracy and reliability of designs of major custom-built equipment.

Those in other sectors are conducting brisk sci-tech activities conducive to manufacturing custom-built equipment.

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