Aim of Life


The following happened one June day in Juche 98 (2009) when Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a fish farm.

Feasting his eyes on sturgeon shoals while looking round various places of the farm, he asked his accompanying officials to send the fish to Okryu Restaurant so that the people could enjoy its taste at the earliest possible date, and to build an aquarium there for them to see the living sturgeon.

He continued to say that it was his intention to ensure that the Korean people lead the happiest life in the world and that they taste such a world-famous food as sturgeon dish.

He added: Today, against all odds, we are well on the way to attain the goal of building a thriving nation. Looking back on the past of trying ordeals, I feel the pride in making revolution and harden my decision to work harder for the good of the people.

He then stressed: Everything for the good of the people–this is the fundamental principle in my activities and the aim of my life.


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