Work for Coping with Disastrous Abnormal Weather Brisk in DPRK


The Central Emergency Disaster and Crisis Control Group is concentrating all efforts on the work to cope with the disastrous abnormal weather due to El Nino this year.

Emergency disaster and crisis control teams were organized at ministries and national institutions and various units, including provinces, cities, counties and industrial establishments, and an integral system of working under the unified guidance of the state was established.

The group encourages the masses to take thoroughgoing measures for preventing disasters with a high sense of crisis, while sending meteorological information in real time in contact with a relevant unit.

It pays attention to securing materials and means necessary for each unit and making sure that the people do not feel inconvenience in their life in case of any disaster.

It is also pushing ahead with the work to repair irrigation structures, dredge river-beds and complete drainage system with the main emphasis on protecting farmland from downpour, flooding and typhoon and minimizing the damage to crops.

Organizational work is carried on to establish a command and information system in all sectors and units of the national economy and enhance the responsibility and role of officials so as to promptly cope with any contingent situation.


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