Universities in DPRK Put Spurs to Remodeling Educational Structure



Universities in DPRK Put Spurs to Remodeling Educational Structure


Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA) -- Universities in different parts of the DPRK are putting spurs to remodeling the educational structure so as to train more talents capable of playing a key role in the development of science and technology and economic development.

Some universities have directed efforts to accumulating experience in the introduction of a new teaching management system and generalizing it, while hastening the construction of A-class discipline.

The work to improve the teaching contents of political and ideological subjects has been conducted. Universities in the field of science and technology put the contents of thousands of subjects on a practical, comprehensive and modern basis at a high level and open up ten subjects of cutting-edge and cross-disciplinary sciences.

This year, many universities have created and introduced the research-type teaching methods and research-type study methods. They have also raised the qualifications of teachers and put the overall educational level on a high level while increasing the ranks of holders of academic degrees and titles.

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