Another Term of Camping for Schoolchildren



Another Term of Camping for Schoolchildren


In Juche 105 (2016), unprecedented strong wind and heavy rain hit the area of the Tuman River in the northern part of the country, causing devastating natural disasters to several cities and counties.

A large number of dwelling houses and public establishments collapsed, and railways, roads and other traffic networks, electric power supply system, industrial establishments and farmland were destroyed or inundated.

The Workers’ Party of Korea made sure that such important projects as the construction of Ryomyong Street were postponed and all efforts of the country were concentrated on the habilitation campaign in the disaster-stricken northern area.

When the 24-7 campaign for rehabilitation was going on, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, in consideration of mental agony of children who had lost their houses due to the natural disasters, saw to it that a camping was organized for them in the Songdowon International Children’s Camp.

Then, one day in October that year, he asked an official that how many pupils of primary middle schools in the flood-stricken area were excluded from the camping.

The official answered that over 1 000 schoolchildren were participating in the camping according to the accommodation capacity of the camp and that over 670 failed to do so.

After hearing his answer, Kim Jong Un told him to organize another term of camping for them within the year.

Upon hearing the news, the residents and schoolchildren in the flood-stricken area were excited with joy.

Days later, Chongjin Youth Station was crowded with pupils leaving for the camp and other people to send them off.

A pupil in Musan County, North Hamgyong Province, wrote in his diary as follows:

The respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un, please forgive me. At first I cried because the second- and third-year elder brothers and sisters alone went camping. I blamed myself as I was the first-year pupil.… But, upon hearing the news that you organized another term of camping for us, I was so excited that I raised a shout of joy. The embrace of the fatherly Marshal is the best in the world.

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