Commemorative Tree-planting for Chollima Upsurge


One April day in Juche 54 (1965) when the Chollima Movement was at its height, President Kim Il Sung came to the Rungna Islet in the capital city of Pyongyang to plant trees there.

While personally planting trees, he told his accompanying officials about the method of tree-planting and features of trees.

The officials asked him to take a rest as much time has passed, but he continued his work until he planted seven trees.

During the break, he examined a blueprint for building the Rungnado recreation ground and stressed the need to lay out the islet well.

Then, he started planting trees again.

After planting 15 trees, he said: Today I planted good species of trees. I had planned to plant five trees this morning, but I planted 15. So, I did a commemorative tree-planting for the great Chollima upsurge.

The trees he had planted in April spring struck deep roots on the picturesque Rungna Islet, telling his noble traits forever.


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