Speech Platform Tour Held by Youth League in DPRK


A speech platform tour was held by young vanguards of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League (SPYL).

Held in each province from March 13 to 24, the tour platform served as a significant occasion as it showed the noble ideological and moral traits of the young people of new generation and the revolutionary faith and will of the patriotic youth to glorify their worthwhile life true to the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered in Mt Paektu.

The platform deeply moved the participants as it conveyed stories of the great loving care of the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un, who highly appreciated the achievements made by the young people and gave them the distinguished honor of being young socialist patriotic pioneers.

At the platform, speakers expressed deep gratitude to Kim Jong Un who has taken warm care of the young people across the country and trained them to be masters of a dignified and powerful country with much effort.

All the speakers said that his is the great loving care as warm as the sun that trains the Korean youths into creators of feats and heroes.

The young socialist patriotic pioneers who took part in the platform tour stressed that no one can block the advance of the grand army of young people with intense loyalty and ardent patriotism, calling upon all the young vanguards to fully display the heroic spirit and mettle of the Korean youth in the victorious advance of Korean-style socialism.


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