Rodong Sinmun Calls for Strict Discipline in Carrying out National Economic Plan


In order to successfully realize the plan and decision of the Party Central Committee, it is necessary for each sector and unit to establish more strict discipline in implementing the national economic plan and thus unconditionally hit the grand economic development target for national prosperity, says Rodong Sinmun Wednesday in an editorial.

To establish discipline in carrying out the national economic plan is just loyalty and devoted service to the Party and the people, the editorial says, and goes on:

Success in the struggle to defend the prestige of our dignified Party and bring earlier the prosperity and development of the country and the happiness of the people depends on whether the national economic plan is carried out or not.

To establish the discipline of carrying out the national economic plans without fail at all sectors and units is the basic requirement for defending in every way the dignity and absolute prestige of our great Party which is courageously ushering in the new era of a thriving nation, a period of the overall development of socialism, despite manifold difficulties.

Strict discipline should be established to implement the national economic plan unconditionally, thoroughly and correctly. Herein lies the boundless loyalty to the Party.

Only when the discipline of implementing the national economic plan is established more thoroughly, will be good results made in the work for realizing the long-cherished desire of our Party to bring the happiest life to the people as soon as possible.

The editorial calls upon all sectors and units to more thoroughly establish the discipline of fulfilling the national economic plan and carry out their tasks without fail and thus make a positive contribution to glorifying this significant year as a year of great strides in the national economic development and the improvement of people's living.


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