For Decades for Working People



For Decades for Working People


PhD and associate professor Kang Sung Hui, researcher of the Central Disease Prevention Control Agency, has done a lot of things for the security of workers’ lives and protection of their health for scores of years.

Over forty years ago, she had to go to a factory because it became an issue that a reagent used in production there might have a negative effect on the health of its workers.

Now she buckled down to the research to solve the problem.

What drew her attention was thiolignin.

With a strong absorptive capacity, the substance does no harm to organisms. Once it enters the body, it absorbs virulent materials and makes them excreted.

And the range of its application is very wide.

It can prevent damage from mercury, heavy metal, radiation and agrochemical and be of great help to the purification of industrial waste water and the growth of crops.

In the process of studying thiolignin, she discovered that waste water from the factory contained the substance.

After long painstaking efforts, she succeeded in extracting it.

The thiolignin dragees she made were supplied to not only industrial sector but all farms across the country.

Later, based on the success, she developed different medicines with thiolignin as their main ingredients.

Her research findings were highly rated at different exhibitions such as the Pyongyang international scientific and technological exhibition in the sectors of healthcare and household medical apparatus and the National Sci-tech Presentation and Exhibition in Epidemic Prevention and Public Health Sectors-2022.

She wrote some books including Hygienics Dictionary and Complete Book of Hygienics.

She also gives extramural lectures at Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences.

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