Way to Cultured Society


Cosmetics are one of the daily necessities used by all the people. In particular, it is essential to women.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory several times, leading it to increase the variety of cosmetics and improve their quality, so as to meet the growing demands of the people for the cosmetics and make the women, flowers of their families and their country, brighter and more beautiful.

One day in February Juche 104 (2015), he visited the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory despite the cold of early spring. He said that he was visiting the factory to make his visit a watershed for raising its products onto a world level, adding that it was important to analyse the high-end cosmetics in the world and compare their indexes with those of its products. He then indicated the ways to put the factory’s cosmetics production on a world level as early as possible.

He continued that the cosmetics are very important in making the people live a refined and cultured life, and that we should lead the people to a cultured society first with cosmetics.

That day, he said that he would render assistance so as to build the factory into a world-class one.

Later, he went over the trademarks as well as its renovation designs, dispatched a powerful construction workforce and sci-tech team, and took a measure for providing building materials.

When he visited the renovated factory one day in October Juche 106 (2017), he said with pleasure that the varieties of cosmetics became numerous and qualitative, and that not only the bottles but packages looked very nice, adding: We can realize the dreams of women who want to become more beautiful; I am very pleased to think of our people and our women in particular, who would feel happy with the world-level cosmetics produced at the factory, which has been put on a modern, scientific and industrial footing.

Today, the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory produces over 500 kinds of over 130 varieties of Unhasu-brand cosmetics that meet the tastes and aesthetic senses of the Korean women.

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