Local Products Steal Public Limelight



Local Products Steal Public Limelight


Cholongsan-brand furniture of the Maengsan County Wooden Daily Necessities Production Cooperative are enjoying public favour.

Its products were not well-known over 10 years ago, but they began to be famous since the cooperative has frequently organized an exhibition in a bid to improve the quality of products and increase their varieties.

The exhibition served as an opportunity to stimulate competitive spirit among its producers. They began to produce collapsible furniture by making use of wooden scraps.

The products had high aesthetic effects with low production costs.

As the quality of its products improved, many locals in the county demanded more goods, but it could not meet the needs as they were produced manually.

It increased production by manufacturing a new device which uses scraps in making woodwork of several sizes. Its new products which have been improved both in quality and in quantity began to be known not only in the county but in other provinces.

Of late, its products are finding their way even in the shops in the capital city of Pyongyang and the demand for them is on the increase among citizens.

Chairman Ri Yong Nam said the target of his cooperative was to make Cholongsan–brand products the most famous goods in the country in the future.

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