Creative Workers of Sand Picture



Creative Workers of Sand Picture


Four years ago a sand picture creation team was organized in the Mansudae Art Studio, an authoritative fine art studio in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

It was in 2011 that music and sand picture marked its debut as a new genre of stage art in the country by Kang Un Ju, present team leader, and other members like Kim Myong A, Kim Chang Hyok and Kim Kyu Gwon.

As pioneers in this field, they produced works of the new genre within two months by giving full play to their talents and passion and moved the audiences. They were awarded the title of Merited Artist in 2012.

Yearning for the General, My Dear Wife, They Will Tell of the Soldier’s Affection and Hungbu and Nolbu they created in those days still serve as model works.

The team members are all graduates from Pyongyang University of Fine Arts. And neophytes are striving to carry forward the creative spirit of the seniors.

While pooling their efforts to create works, the team is trying to extend the scope of the themes and representation. It is their opinion that a work reflecting the idiosyncratic skills of several persons is more influential in moving the audience than a work created by one person does. In the course of this, they say, they become united in their wisdom and will, and this in turn promotes the team’s harmony.

In order to produce more wonderful works, the team keeps close contact with the Mansudae Art Troupe and other major art troupes.

They staged the music and sand picture, We Are the Happiest in the World, during the grand performance Shine, Jong Il Peak, held in February last year in celebration of the 80th birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Amid the growing interest in their works, the team is giving a spur to their creative activities.

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