Fluttering Flags of Good Haul



Fluttering Flags of Good Haul


Spectacular sights are now being unfolded in the fishing stations in the east coastal areas of the DPRK.

As large shoals of fish swarm into the East Sea of Korea by the end of October every year, all the fishing stations in North and South Hamgyong and Kangwon provinces launch intensive fishing campaigns.

True to the intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea which regards the fishing as one of the three main points of the thrust in solving food problem of the people, the fishing units occupy several fishing grounds and increase fish catching.

Fishing stations of the Korean People’s Army engage in fishing activities by scientifically analyzing the temperatures and flow of the water and the amounts of migrating fish and thus correctly predicting fishing conditions and selecting fishing grounds.

All of them wage dynamic socialist emulation drives among fishing stations, fishing fleets and individual vessels by actively employing advanced fishing methods and small-scale fishing.

As a result, fishing vessels that have returned with huge hauls of fish increase in number, and the May 27 Fishing Station has overfulfilled the winter fishing assignments by over 70 per cent.

Many other fishing stations across the country resound with loud whistles of vessels with full loads.

Cascades of fishes that fill the unloading grounds are moved to cold storage facilities via the processing grounds, and then supplied to the people all across the country. And the fragrance of sea permeates the everyday life of the people.

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