Creators of Rural Civilization



Creators of Rural Civilization


It was reported even on the last day of last year that farmers in different parts of the country moved into new houses.

Hearing the news, designers of designing institutes in all provinces felt great pride. Among them was Yu Chol Min, section chief of the North Hwanghae Provincial Designing Institute.

He found familiar faces on TV among agricultural workers moving into new houses in Jangchon-ri, Hwangju County and Kongpho-ri, Yonsan County respectively in August and September last year.

Among them were some farmers he had met in the days of making a field survey for preparing draft designs.

At that time, an old man asked to cover a house with flat roofs as suited to the features of the lowland, and a woman said that it would be advisable to build a fireplace in the kitchen at a place for an owner’s convenience.

Looking at them moving into new houses with a broad smile on their faces, he recollected the days when he had made painstaking efforts for their designs.

It was by no means easy to design houses in conformity with local topographical features and non-repetitively.

He pooled efforts with his colleagues to complete the designs of low- and single-storey houses in line with the characteristics of the lowland and with reference to the opinions of locals.

He was filled with great delight when the lines and dots on the blueprints came true into the building work.

The same was the case with designers of designing institutes in North Hamgyong, South Hamgyong and South Hwanghae provinces and Nampho City.

All the structures, including rooms, storehouses and family gardens of new houses built in the Kumhak area in Chongdan County, Kumsong-ri in Onchon County, Changhyo-ri in Hoeryong City and Ryongwon-ri in Kumya County, were associated with the wisdom and passion of designers.

The design teams of designing institutes in all provinces, cities and counties are now doing their best to produce peculiar designs of rural dwelling houses this year, too.

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