Class Education Intensified in DPRK


Officials and lecturers of the class education houses and museums across the country are conducting in an offensive way the ideological work to prepare Party members, working people and schoolchildren to be vanguard fighters of the class with the immutable view on the principal enemy.

The Class Education Guidance Bureau has pushed ahead with the work to steadily improve the educational materials, means and methods while making the educational bases the historic place where the cruel massacres by the U.S. imperialist brutes and class enemies are brought to light and the origin of revenge upon them.

The Sinchon Museum has intensified the work to unearth and verify new materials for class education and display them in a visual and vivid way with educational significance.

The South Hwanghae Provincial Class Education House has displayed various kinds of materials for class education to raise the class consciousness of visitors.

Officials and lecturers of provincial, city and county class education houses, too, have conducted mobile lectures at production sites.


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