Model-Education County Movement Brisk in DPRK


The model-education county movement is gaining momentum in provinces, cities and counties of the DPRK.

Provincial, city and county Party committees and people's committees have striven to raise the regional education level to a higher stage by encouraging the campaign for overtaking, learning from others and swapping experiences among schools in their regions.

The Education Commission has made assessment of the standard schools in provinces, cities and counties to learn about the educational situation and taken necessary measures.

It has also organized a national video meeting with the attendance of educational officials from provincial, city and county people's committees, officials from training courses at all levels and school principals across the country every month to intensify the review and encourage the officials in the field of education to turn out in the model-education county movement.

Efforts are also directed to the work for rectifying in a short span of time the shortcomings revealed in judging the model-education county.

As a result, many cities and counties have reached the standard of model-education county.


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