A Hot Spring


One day in July Juche 65 (1976), Chairman Kim Jong Il, having just climbed Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain of the revolution, told his officials that he would visit the Naegok Hot Spring.

The officials were at a loss what to do, because if he left for the hot spring at once, he would skip his breakfast.

When an official asked him to leave for the hot spring after having breakfast in Samjiyon, Kim Jong Il said that after climbing Mt Paektu, he was ready to skip several meals.

And he said: According to an analysis report, the Naegok Hot Spring contains various medicinal elements. I would be very happy if we build a sanatorium so that people can relax there and visitors to Mt Paektu can bathe there on their way back home.

Thus, officials had to go to Naegok with the Chairman.

Kim Jong Il tested the water’s temperature and amount with his hand and then looked around the area. He explained how a modern sanatorium and recreational facilities could be built.

Just then, a train loaded with logs passed through the village, whistling loudly.

Kim Jong Il watched the train disappearing round a mountain bend. Then he said that the village should be quiet for the patients receiving medical treatment and the railway might prevent this, and so, the railway should be moved.

The officials became surprised.

The village was surrounded on all sides by mountains, so moving the railway would involve digging a tunnel 400-500 metres long.

But Kim Jong Il stressed that however hard the task might be, the railway must be moved for the sake of those who would be enjoying the hot spring.

Later the railway was moved, and the village, once noisy with train traffic, was filled with laughter.


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