Single-hearted Unity of the DPRK and Its Strength


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a country, the cornerstone of whose state political system is single-hearted unity of its national leader, its ruling Party and the masses.

This unity is a key factor that makes the country remain unperturbed in any political upheavals.

In the closing years of the last century, when several socialist countries collapsed and the allied imperialist forces turned the spearhead of their anti-socialist attack to the DPRK, the Korean people defended the banner of socialism without the slightest vacillation; they consolidated the socio-political foundation of their state in the face of all manner of trials, in which others may must have collapsed easily. The credit for this must go to the single-hearted unity, in which the leader and the people are firmly united with one mind and purpose.

The hostile forces are now making persistent attempts to create difficulties in the living of the Korean people and undermine their country from within, but to no avail. This is only making the country’s political foundation based on single-hearted unity further consolidated.

Single-hearted unity serves as a fundamental source for the country to bring about miraculous victories and great changes in socialist construction.

The Korean people are performing world-startling miraculous achievements in succession: In recent years, the chemical industry sector, one of the two pillars in the self-supporting economy, splendidly built the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory, and is now giving an impetus to establishing a C1 chemical industry; those reclaiming tidelands have reclaimed vast areas of tidelands by inventing and applying new methods of construction, extending the boundaries of the country; workers in the light-industry sector are developing products favoured by the people; the Jungphyong Greenhouse Farm was built in North Hamgyong Province, followed by a large-scale greenhouse farm in the Ryonpho area of South Hamgyong Province; the city of Samjiyon underwent a sea change; the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort and other bases for cultural and leisure activities were built; modern houses sprang up in different parts of the country; and the country is maintaining a stable anti-epidemic situation.

All these successes are the fruition of the might of the single-hearted unity, in which the leader devotes his all for the people’s sake and the people carry out his plans and intentions with a single mind.

This single-hearted unity is a source of the inexhaustible strength of the country that is not afraid of any formidable enemy.

The country boasts of its army possessed of a powerful war deterrent, to say nothing of modern means of both attack and defence, and determined with the will to implement unto death the orders and instructions of its Supreme Commander. The service personnel of the Korean People’s Army achieved unity with the civilians in ideology and fighting spirit in supporting their leader. This great army-people unity, peculiar to the country, assures it of victory only.

The might of the single-hearted unity finds its expression in the universal practice of the people who make sure that the portraits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, rather than their own property and lives, are safe when they are faced with sudden natural disasters and accidents. It is not difficult for everyone to guess how these people will display heroism and self-sacrificing spirit for the sake of their leader and country if war breaks out.

Single-hearted unity is a national trait and strength peculiar to the DPRK.


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