Path of Party Building in New Era



Path of Party Building in New Era


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the Central Cadres Training School of the Workers’ Party of Korea on October 17, and gave a historic commemorative lecture, where he clarified the original party building idea of the Korean style.

At the lecture he indicated political, organizational and ideological construction and discipline and work style building as the orientation for the building of the Workers’ Party of Korea in the new era.

The new five-point orientation serves as a precious guideline for strengthening the Party into a party that is politically mature, organizationally sound, ideologically pure, strictly disciplined and healthy in work style.

Until then the Party pushed ahead with its building in the three aspects– organizational building, ideological building and leadership art building. By consolidating itself organizationally and ideologically and steadily increasing its leadership ability and militant efficiency, the whole Party turned into a powerful body, ideologically pure and organizationally integrated, and through a tireless struggle to combine leadership with the masses excellent leadership methods of the Korean style were created and their vitality was fully demonstrated, thus greatly contributing to achieving great victory in the face of all trials of history.

Based on a scientific analysis of the subjective and objective conditions of the Korean revolution and the present situation of Party work, Kim Jong Un clarified the new five-point orientation for Party building in the new era.

By setting forth political construction as the core, priority task in Party building, he provided a sure guarantee for further enhancing the Party’s leadership authority and making clearer its revolutionary character and original features. By giving top priority to political construction in the strengthening and development of the Party, it has become possible to further consolidate the revolutionary political climate within the Party with the uniformity of ideology and leadership as the core and to acquire the appearance and prestige of a political leadership organization in a splendid way.

Stressing the need to continue intensifying and more dynamically pressing ahead with organizational and ideological construction, Kim Jong Un elaborated on the principles for steadily consolidating the Party and revolutionary ranks in an organizational way and ways for renovating all fields of the Party’s ideological work.

The Party building idea in the new era raised the discipline and work style building for the first time.

Only when strict discipline is established within the Party, is it possible to thoroughly suppress all unorganized, undisciplined and negative elements in the overall Party work and propel and guarantee the sound development of the Party and continuously create, cultivate and carry forward the communist work style unique to it. By putting forward discipline and work style construction as an important component and an inseparable problem in Party work, it made it possible to remarkably strengthen and develop the Party to be more perfect in all aspects–not only in the political, organizational and ideological aspects but also in discipline and work style.

It is the intention of the Party Central Committee to step up the modelling of the whole Party on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism on a new high and confidently advance toward the building of socialism and communism by further promoting the valuable successes achieved in Party building over the past decade and strengthening it by making redoubled efforts as required by the new era.

As the orientation of Party building in the new era has been put forward, lasting foundations were laid for the glorious revolutionary history of the Party to continue from generation to generation, and a broad avenue for intensifying Party leadership in every way over the activities of the state and the overall social life opened up.

At the lecture Kim Jong Un stressed again that it should become the mode of existence and mode of revolution of the Party to deepen the trust of the people by regarding them as divine and devoting itself to them, purify its climate and attain higher goals by dint of the single-minded unity between the Party and the people.

In the early period of the new century of the Juche era, the Party defined Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as its one and only guiding ideology, formulated its essence as the people-first principle, and purposefully and persistently pushed forward with the work of ensuring that its and state activities were run through with this principle, thus markedly enhancing the might of harmonious whole formed between itself and the masses.

Thanks to the WPK which put forward making devoted and selfless service for the good of the people as the mode of its existence, the people’s opinions, demands, interests and convenience are being given top and absolute priority in the formulation and execution of all its policies, and the trait of officials going closer to the people the harder the times are is being fully displayed. Its organizations and officials are conducting their activities by believing in and relying on the people and by orienting them to promoting people’s wellbeing. This is the shining embodiment of its noble outlook on the people.

As General Secretary Kim Jong Un provided the immortal great programme for Party building, the Workers’ Party of Korea has been provided with a new guideline for maintaining and ceaselessly displaying the ideals and determination it put forward in the early days of its founding.

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