Rodong Sinmun Calls for Creating New Spirit of Era


Rodong Sinmun Friday editorially says that the ongoing general advance for further demonstrating the mightiness and advanced and courageous character of Juche Korea is a grand revolutionary advance whose speed is doubled thanks to the strong patriotic will of all the people to make another great leap forward by creating the new spirit of the era.

It goes on:

The great spirit of era is a powerful weapon for rapidly upgrading the revolution and construction as a whole.

When the struggle to create the spirit of the times is forcefully conducted, precious assets, valuable experience and strength are accumulated to ensure the sustainable and long-term development of socialist construction, and a solid springboard is provided for translating the Party's plans and intentions into epochal and great changes.

The Korean revolution, started in Mt Paektu, has entered the road of realizing the dream of prosperity and ideal in an overall way on the basis of the miraculous victory won in building a world-wide political and military power. Endless is the pride and self-confidence of all the people living in the dignified and powerful country with tremendous national strength which no one dares to provoke.

In order to remarkably increase the overall national strength of powerful socialist Korea at present when the overall prosperity of the state is an urgent task of the times, all the people should fully display the patriotic devotion with the pride and self-esteem as members of a powerful country and thus create a new spirit of the times.

When all the people wage a dynamic struggle to create a new spirit of the times at every worksite and post, the position and influence of the DPRK will be more strikingly demonstrated all over the world and the building of an ideal socialist country will be accelerated.


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