Education in Patriotism Intensified in DPRK


True to the intention of the Workers' Party of Korea to conduct education in patriotism from childhood, general educational units in Pyongyang are conducting education among students in a methodical way.

Kim Song Ju Primary School let the children's union members who are exemplary in their study and organizational life hoist the national flag every week so that they love and glorify the flag of the Republic from their childhood.

Officials and teachers of Pyongyang Secondary School No. 1 educate the students to actively learn from the examples of the champions who fluttered national flags at the International Math Olympiads, thus making all the students prepare themselves to be revolutionary talents who will exalt the honor of the country.

Many schools in the city, including Kinjae Junior Middle School in Sosong District, have turned all the premises of the school into places for education in patriotism.

They have also enhanced the effectiveness of education through presentation on the theme of "Patriotism and I" and dissemination of songs.


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