Rodong Sinmun on Rural Revolution in New Era


Rodong Sinmun on Saturday stresses in an article that invariable is the will of the Party to provide the agricultural workers with better environment for production and life and ultimately settle the rural question in the country by vigorously pushing ahead with the rural revolution and rural development in the new era.

The rural question is the problem of farmers and agriculture that should be solved without fail in the whole course of building socialism and communism, the article says, and goes on:

When the new programme for rural revolution set forth by the Party is translated into great reality, a new era of progress and reform with sharp contrast of the past and the future of rural communities will be ushered in and the bright future of settlement of the rural question will come, further demonstrating the advantages and true picture of Korean-style socialism.

The rural revolution in the new era is a great undertaking of bringing up the agricultural workers into the masters of socialist rural construction, a gigantic struggle of making steady progress in the agricultural production and a campaign for fundamentally changing the living environment of rural communities.

All the people should open up a new phase of rapid rural development at any cost by making redoubled efforts in the present situation when the Korean-style socialist construction is switching over to the comprehensive development.

Lots of things are in short supply and manifold trials and difficulties are ahead of us. However, we have the great leadership of the ever-victorious Workers' Party of Korea, the correct programme for rural revolution, mighty potentials of the self-supporting economy strengthened under the banner of the Juche idea, and a large force of agricultural workers intensely loyal to the Party's cause.

The article says that the rosy future of the socialist countryside will be brought earlier when all the people translate the programme for rural revolution in the new era into a great reality, closely rallied around the Party Central Committee.


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