Scenic Attraction—Haksadae



Scenic Attraction—Haksadae


Haksadae is located in Haksadae-ri, Riwon County, South Hamgyong Province.

It is a scenic attraction on the beach, in which rocks of singular shape, mossy cliffs and green pine trees go well with the dark blue sea. It reminds one of Sea Kumgang.

The name derived from the fact that in 1506 a man inscribed the letters “Haksadae” on a rock, which means that it is a gathering place of scholars.

It has different shapes in four bends in one-kilometre-long distance from the approach to Chongsanchong in the north of Mt Munsong to the beach in the south of Haksadae-ri.

Distributed around the rocks under the sea are green and brown algae, including seaweed and kelp, and sea urchin, trepang, starfish, crab and octopus can be seen through the water, reminding one of a natural aquarium.

There are pavilions and lodging quarters in different places of pine forests. Apricot and peach flowers come into full bloom in spring, and sweet brier, acacia and rose of Sharon emit their fragrance in summer.

There are an angling site on the shore and various fitness facilities for holiday-makers including swimming, boating and sunbathing according to their habits and seasons.

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