Forum of Youths Held in DPRK


A youth forum "Petition and Patriotism" took place at the Central Youth Hall from Sept. 20 to 22 to show the admirable traits of the young people advancing straight towards a fresh victory of the revolution.

Attending it were youth league officials and youth and students in the capital city of Pyongyang.

Speeches were made there by those of the preceding generation who volunteered to work in the difficult and labor consuming sectors and performed miracles and heroic feats in every annals of the revolution with youthful ardor and devotion.

The speakers referred to the noble mental world of patriotism and loyalty of those who performed brilliant feats in laying the new railways between Ichon and Sepho and railways in the northern part of the country in hearty response to the militant calls of the Party. And they requested the youths of the new generation to creditably carry forward the lofty mental world in the ongoing struggle for comprehensive development of socialist construction.

Then, speeches were made by those who volunteered to work at challenging sectors of socialist construction in hearty response to the Party's call for implementing the decisions of the 8th Party Congress.

They referred to the great loving care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who put them forward as the delegates to the Youth Day celebrations and had a significant picture taken with them.

They expressed their resolution to work hard at their posts with loyalty and patriotic devotion, true to the pledges they made when they volunteered, always cherishing the trust of the Party that highly praised their deeds and put them forward as young patriots.


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