Youth League Organizations in DPRK Intensify Education of Young People


The youth league organizations at all levels are directing efforts to making young people embody beautiful moral ethics.

Through more effective ideological work, the Central Committee of the youth league is making young people have collective spirit and a trait of dedicating themselves to the society, collective and comrades.

Through meetings to hear impressions of the peerlessly great men's works read by them, the youth league organizations at all levels are training the youth to be those boundlessly faithful to the peerlessly great men.

The youth league organizations of Kim Il Sung University, Kim Chaek University of Technology, Kim Hyong Jik University of Education, Kim Je Won Haeju University of Agriculture, etc. concentrate on the education of various forms.

The youth league committees of Pyongyang City, South Hwanghae Province and North Hamgyong Province organize various meetings showing the mental world of the patriotic young people who volunteered to work in the difficult and labor-consuming sectors and have performed labor feats.

The same is true of the youth league organizations of the Cabinet, the Foreign Ministry, the Taesongsan Management Guidance Bureau, etc.


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