Newspapers on President Kim Il Sung's Feats for Korea's Liberation


Leading newspapers of the DPRK on Monday dedicate editorials to the 77th anniversary of Korea's liberation.

They say that Korea's liberation was a great auspicious event that brought about a radical turn in carving out the destiny of our people and a historic event that opened up a broad avenue for the building of an independent and sovereign state.

President Kim Il Sung beat down the Japanese imperialists to achieve the historic cause of national liberation, thus putting an end to the dark era of national sufferings, making our people the real master of new Korea and providing a bright prospect for the country and the nation, Rodong Sinmun says and goes on:

The President embarked on the road of revolution with his high ambition to liberate the country and declared the do-or-die struggle against the Japanese imperialists in the dark period when the Korean people were grieving over their national ruin and the fate of the nation was at stake.

The anti-Japanese revolutionary war was the most arduous struggle unprecedented in the world war history. The President, shouldering upon himself the destiny of Koreans, smashed the outrageous Japanese imperialists through an all-people resistance with the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army as its core force and liberated Korea.

The anti-Japanese revolutionary war, organized and led by the President, ushered in a new era of struggle for national liberation in colonial countries for the first time in history as the oppressed popular masses in colony defeated the imperialist aggression forces with their own revolutionary force.

Thanks to the history of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle conducted by the President, the lineage of the Korean nation could be reliably inherited and Korea, once eclipsed in the world map, could emerge a dignified independent and sovereign state.

Minju Joson says that all the people should more vigorously struggle to turn our country, the President's lifetime legacy, into the most powerful country admired by the world, united close around the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.


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