Command and Control over Overall State Anti-epidemic Work Tightened in DPRK


Activities for consolidating the current anti-epidemic situation and preventing the outbreak of new epidemics are intensified across the country. Unified command and control over the overall anti-epidemic work is maintained.

The state emergency anti-epidemic headquarters, keeping a close eye on the nationwide anti-epidemic situation and making a scientific and general analysis of it, promptly issues relevant instructions and assignments and provides strict guidance and control over their implementation.

It also directs efforts to the work for monitoring a nationwide medical checkup by using the quadruple test information system for COVID-19 established at the emergency anti-epidemic units and curative and preventive organs, and to the work for ensuring the efficient operation of testing equipment across the country.

Proceeding is the work for studying and introducing advanced testing technologies to quickly detect various kinds of cold virus.

Measures are taken to prevent the inroads of epidemics into the country given the worldwide spread of such epidemics as monkeypox.

Instant and flexible anti-epidemic measures are taken against any abnormal phenomena amid the intensified work in different regions and units for detailing the work system and order of conduct to be applied in emergencies.


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