Samjiyon Potato Farina Factory



Samjiyon Potato Farina Factory


The Samjiyon Potato Farina Factory in the Pothae area in the city of Samjiyon, Ryanggang Province, one of the largest potato cultivating bases in the DPRK, is increasing production.

The factory has drawn up detailed plans and encourages socialist emulation drive for increased production at every workshop and workteam.

The technicians, while building up the integrated production system, have laid a firm foundation for normalized production by automatically calculating and regulating the temperature and humidity and the content of carbon dioxide in the potato storehouses.

And while laying out hygienic production conditions and environment, the factory encourages its employees to make an effective use of the sci-tech learning space and labour safety education room so that they can acquire a high level of technical skills, take a meticulous care of their machinery and take an active part in the development of new products.

The repair and maintenance workshop is maintaining the equipment on a regular basis, ensuring full operation of the coal crusher, overhead crane, circulating fluidized bed boiler and other machinery, and has studied and introduced an exhaust heat recovery device for a sufficient supply of steam with a less amount of coal.

The farina production workshop, staple food production workshop and processed foodstuff workshop are fulfilling their production quotas every day through effective coordination of cleansing, cutting, boiling, drying and packaging processes and cooperation among shifts.

The factory is now producing with potato not only farina but also nutritious riced potato, udon, noodles, twists, biscuits, chips and various other foods.

It is also paying close attention to ensuring the conditions of storage and quality of its products.

All its products are favoured across the country as specialties of the city of Samjiyon.

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