Health Condiments—Ssokjang, Tambukjang



Health Condiments—Ssokjang, Tambukjang


The Korean people have made bean paste from generation after generation and it is different in kind. Among them, ssokjang (fermented soybeans) and tambukjang (admixture of soybean paste steamed with powdered rice, red pepper, mashed ginger and salt) have widely been used in the dietary life of people.

Ssokjang is made by propagating bacteria in the boiled bean to have original taste and flavour. As it changes easily by the enzyme of bacteria, it is stored by freezing and mixed with a variety of seasonings to have it directly.

Tambukjang is made by the rapid fermentation of beans. Put the beans in water to be well swollen and boil them before putting them in rice straw and placing them in a warm place. After several days, juice comes from beans, giving fragrant aroma. Pound them in a mortar while seasoning them with salt and mix them well with powdered red pepper, garlic and ginger. After putting in a pot, ripen them in a cool place.

The bean paste soup flavoured by ssokjang or tambukjang tastes good. Though they are now produced by an industrial method, many families still incline to make them by traditional methods.

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