Oxygen Producing Technique Established



Oxygen Producing Technique Established


The Medical Oxygen Factory in the suburbs of Pyongyang is achieving successes in the production of medical oxygen which are conducive to promoting the people’s health and protecting their lives.

Now it is a trend in the world to use a turbine expander in air separation equipment, whose efficiency is greater than a piston expander.

Recently, the factory has designed and made turbine expanders (low-pressure expander and high-pressure expander) for a 100-cubic-metre oxygen plant, thus laying a foundation for producing on a normal basis medical oxygen to be supplied to the public health sector on a high quality level.

It produced with its own effort and technology the air bearings which can remarkably increase the number of revolution, and applied them to turbine expanders. The turbine expander with air bearings which use gas as their lubricant has less power consumption per product with a relatively large output, and ensures safe production of oxygen as it has no danger of explosion.

The producers say that the introduction of turbine expanders into the oxygen plant will produce favourable results.

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