Production and Development of Medicines Propelled in DPRK



Production and Development of Medicines Propelled in DPRK


Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- Nationwide efforts are made to develop and produce medicines essential for enhancing the state anti-epidemic capacity and swiftly coping with emergency.

After learning about the abilities of medicine production units across the country and the execution of their plans, the Cabinet has stepped up in a farsighted way the work to produce Koryo medicines with clear effect in treatment of the malignant epidemic in keeping with the demand for them and develop new medicines suitable for the Korean people's constitution.

The organizing ability and guidance are strengthened to make the relevant units establish a strict discipline and order of providing materials necessary for the home production and self-sufficiency of drugs as planned and on a top-priority basis and thoroughly observing it.

The Ministry of Public Health set a stepwise goal and worked out realistic plans for laying a solid material and technological foundation for the medicine production and development to proactively cope with the current epidemic situation and any other sudden crisis and is pushing ahead with their implementation.

Attention is paid to the medical science research sector's work for consolidating material basis for the preventive treatment of various epidemics including COVID-19.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector is doing its best to check the spread of an acute enteric epidemic which occurred in South Hwanghae Province and take a step for treatment of it, whereas the medical science sector conducts in an effective way the work to rapidly develop drugs efficicacious in the treatment of various diseases caused by seasonal factors.

While keeping watch on the situation of the pandemic disease, the development of new virucide has been accelerated and a work is stepped up in a planned way to further develop test means capable of accurately detecting various variants of the epidemic and improve the quality of antibody diagnosing reagents.

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