Innovations Made in Production of Insulators and Electric Equipment



Innovations Made in Production of Insulators and Electric Equipment


The Kyongsong Insulator Factory is bringing about innovations in the production of insulators and electric equipment while taking emergency anti-epidemic measures.

As it steps up the production of raw materials, the factory ensures good coordination between processes and satisfactorily solves technical problems arising in production, thereby turning out insulators of various sizes.

It has markedly reduced the calcination time by applying the high-temperature air combustion technique and carried on the bonding and packaging of insulators to meet technical regulations, while tapping latent reserves.

And it mapped out a realistic plan for readjusting and reinforcing the production foundation and established a strict system for repairing equipment, thereby producing the parts of electric equipment and standardized goods in a qualitative way.

It fulfils production plans for castings and sheet metal products without fail by introducing efficient jigs and equipment, technical innovations and original ideas and increases production by carefully managing equipment and technology and speeding up the assembly of such electric equipment as breaker and disconnecting switch.

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