For the Good of the People


The following happened one August day in Juche 47 (1958) when President Kim Il Sung finished his inspection of a province towards midnight.

His entourage entreated him to leave after daybreak in order to help him relieve his fatigue as they had found lodgings.

He declined by saying that he should go back that night and that he should do what he had planned to do as scheduled, and urged his driver to turn the car back.

When an official earnestly asked him to put it aside if it was not so important, he said that he could not agree with him mentioning that it was something important which he had ever planned.

Thus he arrived at the capital city of Pyongyang after a long night journey of hundreds of ris (a ri equals 392.73m). From the early morning of the following day, he inspected the then Pyongyang Silk Mill and the then Pyongyang Department Store before visiting the construction site of embankments along the Taedong River.

Like this, Kim Il Sung did not mind making a long night journey in an effort to provide the people with a more affluent and cultured life.


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