DPRK Focuses All Efforts on Restoring Stability in Anti-epidemic Work


After undergoing a month of sudden severe trials since the maximum emergency anti-epidemic system was activated, the state anti-epidemic work has entered the new phase of maintaining lockdown in parallel with the struggle to exterminate the malignant virus in the DPRK.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector mapped out proper plans and provided detailed guidance to block the inroads of new variants of the virus by completely shutting off the ground, the air and the seashore, while preserving the protective anti-epidemic stance by following the state anti-epidemic guidelines and further tightening the discipline.

Through the base sequence analysis of the infected persons in different regions and the test of samples collected in the sections of rivers at the epidemic risk, it makes every effort to check the inroads of the virus while identifying the outbreak of new variants.

The public health sector updates the guidelines on curing patients by concretely and deeply analyzing and putting together the clinical experience gained so far, and constantly raises the scientific level of the treatment tactics and remedies as required by the ever-changing anti-epidemic situation.

The emergency anti-epidemic sectors at all levels established the system and order of stringent, quick and advanced checkup and test, and take concrete anti-epidemic measures for each work unit, production unit and life unit.

More than one million medical workers, teachers and students, hygienic workers and ex-health workers involved in the intensive medical checkup and treatment find fever cases in good time to quarantine and treat them, thus contributing to managing the anti-epidemic situation in a stable way.

The emergency anti-epidemic steps taken by the state are actively executed in the grand construction sites.

The emergency anti-epidemic units across the country intensify the sterilization of lodging quarters, dining rooms and sanitary facilities of volunteers, make sure that they thoroughly follow the anti-epidemic rules and guarantee the hygienic security of thousands of water tanks and wells by checking the quality of water.

They conduct a strict medical checkup of the personnel doing animal husbandry over four times a day and routinely observe domestic animals while informing relevant organs of the problems arising in the epidemiological surveillance at epizootic prevention posts to take timely measures.

The work to provide material and technical guarantee for firmly preserving the protective anti-epidemic stance is pressed ahead with as a national undertaking.

Many units materially guarantee the work to retain and consolidate the stable situation of the anti-epidemic campaign by boosting the production of anti-epidemic supplies, medicines and medical appliances.

The public health organs at all levels produced and supplied more than one million liters of disinfectant of various kinds to tens of thousands of units in relevant areas on June 10 alone.

Scientific research units work hard to develop the technique of producing new disinfectant without using salt and enhance the quality of a reagent for diagnosing antibodies and rapid test paper.

They conduct clinical examinations of over ten kinds of new antiviral medicines to develop antiviral substances suitable for the constitution of the Korean people, thus pressing ahead with cementing the anti-epidemic capacity in a scientific and technical way.


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