State's Ability to Cope with Crisis Improved in DPRK



State's Ability to Cope with Crisis Improved in DPRK


Pyongyang, June 11 (KCNA) -- The central emergency anti-epidemic sector and emergency anti-epidemic units at all levels have offensively conducted the operation and guidance to signally improve the state's ability to cope with a crisis.

The central emergency anti-epidemic sector has concentrated its effort on further putting the anti-epidemic work on a scientific and specialized basis.

In particular, a work for improving the scientific and theoretical and professional qualifications of the anti-epidemic workers has been launched across the country to help them rapidly and correctly cope with any health crisis. Amid the intensified online reeducation and technical short course, hundreds of anti-epidemic workers have been educated through an online reeducation system since April.

Teachers and researchers of various universities, enrolled in the February 17 Shock Brigade of Scientists and Technicians, have positively conducted the scientific research into emergency epidemic prevention work.

Those of Kim Il Sung University has made achievements in carrying out their tasks including the research into the prediction about the spread of COVID-19.

Those of Kim Chaek University of Technology have registered good results in their research into the development, manufacture and introduction of equipment to be used at sterilization chambers and the development of power devices for various medical appliances and test equipment.

A research group of Pyongyang University of Medicine has fulfilled their tasks including diagnosis and remedy for COVID-19.

In addition, teachers and researchers have conducted the work to develop modern medical appliances and programs and introduce them to curative and preventive organs and hygienic and anti-epidemic organs at all levels and establish scientific remedies on a nationwide scale.

Public health establishments in every province, city and county have deepened the collective discussion and researches to introduce treatment guidelines and dosages in a reasonable way in connection with the central hospitals on the basis of analyzing their clinical experience gained in the treatment of patients.

Major medicine production units have put spurs to the work for improving their production capacity and Koryo medicine pharmaceutical factories waged a campaign for increased production.

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